Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank You Sis. LaDonna Cox

One of the things I desire to do as pastor of The Lord's people at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, is to utilize technology for the glory and honor of God.

That said, I am grateful first and foremost to The Lord Jesus Christ for His love, mercy and grace. I'm grateful to my sister Candice Fort, owner and operator of FortSupport a website design, website management and branding company. I've mentioned my sister Candice in previous blogs.

Today I am also particularly appreciative of Sis. LaDonna Cox. Sis. Cox is a gifted young lady who is also a friend of many years here in the valley of sun. A few years ago Sis. Cox released her own gospel CD. I believe she's also appeared on some local, regional and national Christian television broadcasts; and without question she's spent some time singing at various church events.

Fortunately for myself and the CMBC family, Sis. Cox was a visitor at Canaan when my twin sister, Shermaine N. Fort came to speak. The short story is that I asked her to come up and sing. After the service I mentioned how I'd like to have our own CMBC Theme Song. I've seen similar "church theme songs" connected to other churches and had the thought in mind for some time.

Sis. Cox heard of my desire and reportedly in just a few minutes, without my asking her personally wrote a theme song for our Church. She then recorded it. It is now on our website.

You can check out our new church theme song by visiting our website at:

I wanted a theme song that spoke to our ministry theme which is: "One Voice, One Vision, One Victory". I also seek to have an emphasis on family. Sis. Cox captured both of these themes in the song she wrote. This was all done without Sis. Cox even speaking to me about it. When I asked her about it, she said she noticed our banner in the sanctuary that has our ministry theme on it. She shared further that she knows me. She gave glory to The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the writing of the song.

In case you're interested I'll provide the lyrics to the song below.

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

WE ARE ...
CMBC Embracing Family

We Are Growing, Moving, Showing and Proving That We Have What It Takes To Succeed.
One Voice, One Vision, One Victory,
Pressing Beyond Our Adversity (Ooh)
We Are Stretching, Running, Reaching Our Goals,
We Are Strong And So We Press On.

CMBC Embracing Family (Yeah)
CMBC Embracing Family.

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